Scott Davidson & Angie Paulson (easy version)

On February 3, 2001 Angie Paulson and her boyfriend Scott Davidson were at a friend's house near Kenora, a town in central Canada. They spent the evening there, listening to music. At about midnight, they started off on their trip back to Kenora. Scott drove his snowmobile and Angie sat behind him. The temperature was about -15 C. Scott was wearing a heavy snowmobile suit, but Angie was not very warmly dressed. Scott was worried about her. He gave her his jeans and his face mask to put on. And, so Angie would not get too cold, he took a short route home, across the frozen water of a lake.

Everything went normally for the first ten minutes of the trip. Then, Scott suddenly slowed down and started to look around. Then he sped up. Angie could tell from the sound that they were driving through slush. Then, very quickly, the snowmobile went through the ice and Scott and Angie were thrown into the cold water.

They both tried many times to get a hold on a solid piece of ice so they could pull themselves out of the water. But the ice they grabbed kept breaking off in their hands. Finally, Angie got out and helped Scott to get out too. They lay on the ice for a while. They were very tired and didn't want to move. They wanted to go to sleep, but they knew that would be a mistake.

Finally, they got up and started walking, holding on to each other. A few times, they stopped and lay down and then got up and kept going.They were walking along a frozen river and, In the distance, they could see the lights of a bridge. Quite close to them, just a little further down the river's shore, they saw a cabin.

When they got to the cabin, they broke a small window in the door so they could get in. They found a blanket on a couch and got under it. But the blanket soaked up water from their wet clothes, and soon everything froze together. They tried to get out of their clothes but this was hard to do because their fingers were frozen. Finally, even though they tried to stay awake, they fell asleep.

When they woke up in the morning, Scott couldn't move much. Angie was able to find a phone and call for help, but before anyone came, Scott was dead. Angie was all right.

- information from: - information from The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada) 01.02.24

a mixture of water and melting snow

motor vehicle for travelling over snow (usually off roads)

a comfortable seat with space for three or more people

take hold of suddenly and strongly

soak up:
become very wet as a result of taking up (absorbing) water