Scott Davidson & Angie Paulson :: multiple choice quiz

(1) Scott and Angie had difficulty getting out of the water because

they had both been hurt when they were thrown off the snowmobile

they were weighed down by their wet clothes

they were so cold they couldn’t use their hands properly

when they tried to grab hold of the ice, it kept breaking off in their hands

(2) Scott

knew the area around Rabbit Lake very well

had never been to Rabbit Lake before

had been to Rabbit Lake many times but only in the summer

had often come to Rabbit Lake in the winter but never before on a snowmobile

(3) Scott took a shortcut on the way home from Rabbit Lake because

he was worried about not having enough fuel to go by the usual route

he was worried about Angie getting too cold

it was late and he knew Angie’s parents would be getting worried

he was worried about not getting back to Kenora before the bars closed

(4) When they got inside the cabin, Scott and Angie

phoned for help

took their clothes off

used matches to start a fire

fell asleep