Scott Davidson and Angie Paulson :: vocabulary quiz

• cabin

1: for driving off roads over snow

• couch

2: a quick way of getting where you want to go

• dial

3: going from one place to another

• exhausted

4: hard; not liquid or gas

• force

5: the amount of heat in something (the air, for example)

• frostbite

6: very tired; unable to do anything because of tiredness

• limp

7: part of your body frozen in cold weather

• match

8: wanting to do something even though you know you shouldn’t

• metal

9: make someone do something even though they don’t want to

• owner

10: where the land ends and the water begins

• shore

11: a comfortable seat for two or three peoople

• shortcut

12: something (cloth, paper, or wood, for example) gets wet, fills up with water

• slush

13: soft, not hard, unable to stand up straight

• snowmobile

14: a small house, away from the city

• soad

15: strong usually shiny material—copper, gold, aluminum, for example

• solid

16: round, movable part of machine with numbers or letters

• survive

17: person who something belongs to

• temperature

18: live through a dangerous and difficult experience; not die

• tempted

19: mixture of water and ice from melting snow

• trip

20: for starting fires or lighting cigarettes