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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Suh Sang-Rok’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

(1) Before starting to look for a new job Suh Sang-Rok had to change his old ideas about:

(a) honesty

(b) status

(c) happiness

(d) money

(2) Suh Sang-Rok couldn’t look forward to getting a pension in his old age because:

(a) he had stopped working before he was sixty-five

(b) his company did not have a pension plan

(c) his company had gone bankrupt

(d) several years earlier he had taken a large cash payment and given up his pension

(3) The company Suh Sang-Rok worked for made:

(a) cars

(b) steel

(c) engines

(d) medical instruments

(4) Suh Sang-Rok had difficulty getting work because restaurant owners thought:

(a) his former colleagues would be uncomfortable if they were waited on by him

(b) the other waiters would be uncomfortable working with him

(c) he was too old to do such hard work

(d) he wouldn’t be happy with such a small salary