Suh Sang-Rok :: vocabulary quiz

• admit

1: get money by working

• arrangements

2: someone who makes something

• assistant

3: all the buying,selling, manufacturing, trading, etc. in a society

• bankrupt

4: get larger, grow

• behaviour

5: planning and other work that is done so something else can happen

• complain

6: come to be aware of something, come to know something

• earn

7: not having any money

• economy

8: money given by government or former employer to old or sick person

• embarrassed

9: get someone to do something by talking to them

• expand

10: having papers or experience or education that allow you to do something

• pension

11: say you don't like something, that you're not happy about something

• persuade

12: money that you're paid every week or month for doing your job

• position

13: job (especially at a high level in a large company or institution)

• producer

14: bad feeling when someone sees you doing something wrong or shameful

• qualified

15: agree something is true even though you wish it weren't

• realize

16: telling someone that, if they don't do what you tell them, you will hurt them

• salary

17: person who helps another person

• status

18: very hard metal used for tools, machines, and buildings

• steel

19: everything that a person or animal does

• threaten

20: your level, in society or in your job