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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘Suh Sang-Rok’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• admit

• arrangements

• assistant

• bankrupt

• behaviour

• complain

• earn

• economy

• embarrassed

• expand

• pension

• persuade

• position

• producer

• qualified

• realize

• salary

• status

• steel

• threaten


get money by working


someone who makes something


all the buying,selling, manufacturing, trading, etc. in a society


get larger, grow


planning and other work that is done so something else can happen


come to be aware of something, come to know something


not having any money


money given by government or former employer to old or sick person


get someone to do something by talking to them


having papers or experience or education that allow you to do something


say you don't like something, that you're not happy about something


money that you're paid every week or month for doing your job


job (especially at a high level in a large company or institution)


bad feeling when someone sees you doing something wrong or shameful


agree something is true even though you wish it weren't


telling someone that, if they don't do what you tell them, you will hurt them


person who helps another person


very hard metal used for tools, machines, and buildings


everything that a person or animal does


your level, in society or in your job