Susan Dime-Meenan :: vocabulary quiz

• bug

1: your uncle or aunt’s son or daughter

• cousin

2: someone who works and plays hard without getting tired

• depression

3: first, beginning

• energetic

4: feeling unhappy for a long time and for no good reason

• hallucination

5: connected with the human mind

• honeymoon

6: strong

• mental

7: a sign of something, especially a disease

• operation

8: a doctor opens someone’s body and tries to fix something

• overdraw

9: take more money out of the bank than you have in it

• pill

10: seeing things that aren’t really there

• powerful

11: person or business that does well (makes money, becomes famous)

• primary

12: holiday for couple after getting married

• pronounce

13: throw up what you’e eaten (food comes up from stomach and out of mouth)

• reality

14: a little bit of medicine you put in your mouth and swallow

• reporter

15: someone who tells other people what’s happening or writes about it

• shy

16: insect

• solve

17: not wanting to talk to or do things with people you don’t know

• successful

18: the world outside our minds

• symptom

19: speak a language in a certain way

• vomit

20: find the answer