Tracy Morgan and Anthony Burstow (easy version)

In 1992, Tracy Morgan was twenty-five years old. She was working for the British Navy in the town of Fareham in southern England. Tracy and her husband made friends with a thirty-year-old man called Anthony Burstow. Anthony and his wife were both in the Navy, but his wife was out of the country and Anthony was lonely.

Soon after she and her husband made friends with Anthony, Tracy began to get worried. She realized that Anthony was becoming too interested in her and she decided to be less friendly with him. That was when Anthony started stalking her.

The English verb “stalk” means “to follow an animal when you are hunting.” The verb is also used to mean “follow another person.” Often, the reason for stalking is love. Sometimes, however, one person stalks another because they want to hurt them or kill them. Anthony was that kind of stalker. He wanted to frighten Tracy and make her unhappy.

When Anthony began stalking her,Tracy went to the police. But Anthony continued stalking. He broke into Tracy's house and stole some of her underwear. Then Tracy went to the police again and Anthony went to jail. Because he was in jail, Anthony was thrown out of the navy and his wife left him; but this didn't stop him from bothering Tracy. While he was in jail, he sent her frightening letters.

As soon as Anthony got out of jail, he started stalking Tracy again. This went on for several years. Tracy got sick. Her marriage broke up. She moved twice to try to get away from Anthony, but he always found her. He watched her house; he phoned her and sent her letters; he poured oil on her car. He broke into her house and stole her wedding video; he hid a tape recorder in her bedroom. He put a sign on her lawn saying she was a "slut" and a liar.

Finally, Anthony was arrested again. When the police searched his house, they found notes about his plans to mail spiders and snails to Tracy.

Anthony was sent to jail for three years, but that didn't stop him. While he was in jail he wrote a crossword puzzle in which all the clues were about Tracy and her family. He also offered to pay $US7000 to some people he met in jail if they killed Tracy's new boyfriend. When he got out of jail, he was still not allowed to go near Tracy, so he tried to fool the police by changing his name to the name of Tracy's boyfriend.

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the armed forces of a country are often divided into three “branches”: the “army” (land), the “air force” (air), and the “navy” (sea)"

follow a person because you want to frighten them or because you love them; follow an animal or a person to catch or kill them

look for animals in order to kill them (usually by shooting them)

worry, disturb, annoy, cause inconvenience

turn a container of liquid upside down so the liquid flows out

an area of carefully cut grass in front of a house or other building

a woman who has sex with many men

a person who lies, tells lies, says things that are not true

small, insect-like animal with eight legs; often makes webs

a small, soft, moist, slow-moving animal that lives inside a hard shell