Tracy Morgan and Anthony Burstow :: vocabulary quiz

• clue

1: like the army but on the water

• constantly

2: nation

• country

3: clothes worn next to the body

• criminal

4: without a job

• instrument

5: telling someone you will hurt them if they don't do what you want

• lawn

6: writing in a public place that tells you what, or where, something is

• liar

7: carefully cut area of grass around a house

• mail

8: a woman who will make love with anyone who wants her

• navy

9: information that helps you understand something or find an answer

• needle

10: a person who often says things that they know are not true

• officer

11: a sharp piece of metal for putting liquid under your skin (or for sewing)

• personal

12: a small tool for careful work (done by a doctor or dentist, for example)

• puzzle

13: a small animal with a wet body that lives in a hard shell it carries on its back

• search

14: something you can’t understand; a game or toy that tests your intelligence

• sign

15: private things you don’t want other people to know about

• slut

16: someone at high level in army or navy (not an ordinary soldier or sailor)

• snail

17: all the time; never stopping

• threatening

18: what you do with a letter or package you want to send to someone

• underwear

19: look for something

• unemployed

20: person who has done something against the law