flesl.net paired stories: drama handout (Unnamed Passenger)

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crew member who helps the pilot (and is also able to fly the plane)

crew member who plans plane’s route

ask someone to tell you who they are

tell someone to do something

not excited

speak incomprehensibly:
speak in a way that cannot be understood

before a person can be sent to jail they are put on “trial”

a doctor for people who are mentally ill (or “crazy”)

political movement:
a group of people who are trying to change society

did you intend?:
did you plan to?

a particular plane:
this plane and not some other one

the people who are travelling on a plane

the people who are working on the plane

drama 1: in the cockpit just after the unnamed passenger has entered

drama 2: before his trial, the unnamed passenger is interviewed by two prison psychiatrists

• drama activities for ‘Unnamed Passenger’

four actors:


• the unnamed passenger
• the pilot
• the co-pilot
• the navigator

• preparation time: no more than five minutes
• drama time: around thirty seconds
• each actor speaks one short sentence at a time
• pilot speaks first (challenging? ordering?)
• unnamed passenger replies (calmly? angrily? incomprehensibly?)
• followed by co-pilot and reply
• followed by navigator and reply

three actors:


• the unnamed passenger
• first psychiatrist
• second psychiatrist

• preparation time: no more than ten minutes
• drama time: two-three minutes
• psychiatrists take turns asking questions such as:
- what happened on the plane?
- do you have a family?
- do you belong to a political movement?
- when you got on the plane did you intend to make it crash?
- why did you choose to travel on that particular plane?
- how do you feel now about the crew / the passengers?