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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘An Unnamed Passenger’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

(1) Two passengers got up from their seats and went into the cockpit because

(a) they heard a gunshot

(b) they heard the pilot call out

(c) the plane suddenly began to shake

(d) they could see people fighting

(2) The unnamed passenger got into the cockpit

(a) with a key

(b) by telling a flight attendant he wanted to meet the pilot

(c) just by opening the door

(d) by kicking the door and breaking the lock

(3) After the unnamed passenger was dragged from the cockpit

(a) he was locked in one of the washrooms

(b) he was given an injection of a tranquilizing drug

(c) he was tied down with a seatbelt

(d) he was forced to lie on the floor with his hands and feet tied

(4) As soon as the unnamed passenger turned off the automatic pilot

(a) the plane began to dive

(b) the plane began flying on its back

(c) the plane’s engines stopped

(d) he plane continued to fly normally for a while