Unnamed Passenger :: vocabulary quiz

• automatic

1: city where the government of a country or part of a country is

• belt

2: speak very loudly and with strong feeling

• capital

3: fight with arms and legs but without hitting

• control

4: group of people who operate a plane, train, or ship

• crash

5: in the normal, correct way

• crew

6: face covering

• dive

7: moving quickly and dangerously

• drag

8: gas necessary for human life

• engine

9: loud sound coming from the mouths of frightened people

• join

10: fall straight down through the air

• mark

11: machine for making car, plane, or train move

• mask

12: pull over the ground or floor

• nasty

13: long narrow piece of cloth or leather put around a person's waist

• oxygen

14: the opposite of “nice”

• properly

15: plane, train, or car hits something accidentally causing damage

• scream

16: do what you try to do

• shout

17: ability to make a plane, train or car move as you want it to

• succeed

18: what is left on your body after you have been hit, cut, or scratched

• violently

19: become part of a group

• wrestle

20: a machine that can operate itself, that does not need a human operator