ESL Vocabulary Quiz: legal systems, drug dealing, torture paired story 1-1a (Unnamed Passenger)

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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘An Unnamed Passenger’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• automatic

• belt

• capital

• control

• crash

• crew

• dive

• drag

• engine

• join

• mark

• mask

• nasty

• oxygen

• properly

• scream

• shout

• succeed

• violently

• wrestle


city where the government of a country or part of a country is


speak very loudly and with strong feeling


fight with arms and legs but without hitting


group of people who operate a plane, train, or ship


in the normal, correct way


face covering


moving quickly and dangerously


gas necessary for human life


loud sound coming from the mouths of frightened people


fall straight down through the air


machine for making car, plane, or train move


pull over the ground or floor


long narrow piece of cloth or leather put around a person's waist


the opposite of “nice”


plane, train, or car hits something accidentally causing damage


do what you try to do


ability to make a plane, train or car move as you want it to


what is left on your body after you have been hit, cut, or scratched


become part of a group


a machine that can operate itself, that does not need a human operator