Bradley Fowler :: multiple choice quiz

(1) Winston hurt Bradley after Bradley

patted him

accidentally touched him

tried to play with him

offered him a dog treat

(2) Bradley, his parents, and their dog went to the park for

a concert

a party

a parade

a meeting

(3) Despite Winston’s attack on Bradley, Paul was not charged with a crime because

he had no intention of committing a crime

he had never been in trouble before

several people said that Bradley had been teasing Winston

dog owners cannot be held responsible for the actions of their dogs

(4) The day after the attack on Bradley, Donna Drown reported that

Winston had bitten her son

Winston had grabbed her son’s arm

Winston had growled at her son

Winston had chased her son around the park

(5) After the accident, Bradley

couldn’t use either of his hands

could only use his left hand

could only use his right hand

could use both hands a little

(6) Paul did not prevent the attack because

he had Winston on a long leash

he was talking to a friend and didn’t notice what was happening

he thought Winston was just playing with Bradley

he wasn’t strong enough

(7) Paul admitted that, in the past, Winston had bitten

his wife


his next door neighbour

his son and daughter

(8) After Bradley was bitten, a little girl gave him

a stuffed dog

a pillow

a green bottle with bubbles in it

a balloon