Bradley Fowler :: vocabulary quiz

• brace

1: join other people in doing something

• bubble

2: get (or ‘gather’) money from many people (payments or contributions)

• collect

3: organized ‘line‘ of many people moving together (usually as a celebration) )

• crush

4: angry, threatening noise made by a dog

• grab

5: break or badly damage something by pressing on it

• grateful

6: thread holding two pieces of cloth or skin together

• growl

7: rope or strap for controlling a dog (attached to dog’s neck)

• leash

8: foot of dogs, cats and similar animals

• ligament

9: righten by suddenly and unexpectedly touching or coming close

• parade

10: get better after being hurt or sick

• participate

11: used to protect or support injured or weak part of body

• paw

12: soft support for your head when you’re in bed

• pillow

13: fill something with some material so it keeps its shape

• quarantine

14: good feeling about someone who has given you something or helped you

• react

15: do something because something else has happened

• recover

16: round, light, clear, hollow; floating in liquid or air; easily broken

• saliva

17: take hold of suddenly and strongly

• startle

18: strong material in human or animal bodies that holds bones together

• stich

19: liquid in person’s or animal’s mouth (helps in digestion of food)

• stuff

20: animal or person kept alone to prevent spread of disease.)