Bradley Fowler, p2

Paul admitted that Winston had bitten people before. In fact, in the past, Winston had bitten both of Paul’s children. He said that, some time before, his son, who is also nine years old, was bitten on the lip by Winston. He had to be taken to hospital and nine stitches were required to close the cut. He said his daughter had also been bitten. Paul said that even though Winston had bitten children, he wanted to keep him. Winston was a really a good dog he said, and he only bit Bradley because he was nervous, and only bit his son because he was being teased.

The day after the attack on Bradley, Donna Drown contacted the animal control officer in the area, Cheryl Malone. Donna told Cheryl that she believed Winston had attacked her son, Alex, just before he had bitten Bradley. She said she had gone to the park with Alex and her two dogs. One of her dogs is part mastiff. When she saw Winston, she went to talk to his owner. While they were talking, she began patting Winston on the head. When Alex, who is five years old, reached out his hand, Winston suddenly grabbed his arm and took it into his mouth up to the elbow. She said Alex quickly pulled his arm out and was not hurt. His arm was covered with saliva however, and Paul gave the boy a towel to wipe it off.

Paul says this story is not true. He says he has never met Donna Drown. But Cheryl, the animal control officer says she has investigated and that she believes the story. She says Winston did attack two children at the celebration. But she also says that Paul will not be charged with a crime because he was not intending to commit a crime when he brought his dog to the park.

After the attack, Winston was quarantined at home for ten days. Paul said he was planning to send him to obedience school.

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