Clint van Loggenberg :: multiple choice quiz

(1) Clint and Tracy finally went home because

Tracy wasn’t feeling well

they’d run out of money

the casino refused to let Clint play any more

Clint was furious about what had happened

(2) The casino admitted that

the attendant had treated Clint badly

music had played and lights had flashed on Clint’s machine

the message on the screen had to be changed

they sometimes tried to mislead gamblers

(3) The casino said Clint had caused the problem himself by accidentally pushing

the ‘transfer’ button

the ‘jackpot’ button

the ‘payout’ button

the ‘play’ button

(4) The next day, the casino management told Clint

they were still investigating his case and would call him soon

he definitely hadn’t won anything

he had only won a small amount of money

they were going to take the case to the Gambling Board

(5) Clint’s parents

disapproved of gambling

lived in Australia

came with him and Tracy to the casino

received money from Clint

(6) Clint finally gave up because

Tracy was going to have her baby

he didn’t want to damage his reputation

he saw the video tapes and computer records

he was convinced the casino really did have high standards

(7) According to Clint, when the message appeared on the screen the other gamblers

came to congratulate him

were unaware of what had happened

clapped and cheered

warned him the casino might cheat him

(8) The attendant

turned the machine on and off several times

put up a sign on the machine that said it wasn’t working

put a key into the machine

got Clint’s debit card out of the machine