Clint van Loggenberg :: vocabulary quiz

• apologize

1: have a ‘right’ to something (good or bad) because of what you’ve done

• attendant

2: shows that something is true—or might be true

• cheat

3: harm done to something

• congratulate

4: what people do (or go to) because it is interesting and brings them pleasure

• cramp

5: behave dishonestly in order to rob or trick someone

• damage

6: level of behaviour that must be reached (or ‘kept up’ to)

• demand

7: ‘take back‘ (often officially) something you have said; take money from bank

• deserve

8: careful watching, especially to make sure people obey the law or follow rules

• display

9: tell someone you are pleased they have done well, been lucky, etcetera

• emphasize

10: say you’re sorry for having done something wrong

• entertainment

11: show; put something somewhere where people can see it

• evidence

12: move something or someone from one place to another

• furious

13: marriage ceremony (what happens when people get married)

• jackpot

14: pain caused by tightening of muscles

• lavish

15: very angry

• standard

16: ask for something very strongly; insist

• surveillance

17: biggest prize (for gamblers at a casino etc.)

• transfer

18: very expensive and generous party, supper, or ceremony

• wedding

19: person whose job is to look after something (a parking lot, for example)

• withdraw

20: make it clear that something is important (by speaking or writing ’strongly’)