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person who plays games, bets etc. in the hope of winning money

do something dishonest to win a game or other contest

official complaint:
a complaint made in the proper way to goverment, police or other group that has the power to punish etc/p>

someone who believes, without good reason, that their life is soon going to get better

adjective to describe a person who does what they’re supposed to do (keeps promises, acts honestly, looks after family etcetera)

adjective to describe a person who has loving feelings toward family and friends and who shows this in their behaviour.

• conversation activities for ‘Clint van Loggenberg’

story exchange guide

1: make groups of three or four

2: decide who is going to be A, who B, and who C. (In a four-person group there will be a c1 and a c2.)

3: A, tells the others in a story about one of the following:

a. A Gambler Who Cheated (or Was Cheated)
b. Someone Who Made an Official Complaint against a Large Company
c. Someone Who Thought Mistakenly That Something Wonderful Had Happened

4: B, repeats A’s story.

5: C (or C1 and C2), asks A questions about his or her story.

6: A becomes C (or C2), B becomes A, etcetera, and everything is repeated.

• From the information in the story, what do you think of Clint?

in particular:

• Was he honest?

• Intelligent?

• A‘dreamer’?

• Well educated?

• Responsible?

• Affectionate?

• How do you think Clint’s life went after his dispute with the casino? Use your imagination but base what you say on the information in the story.

you may want to use questions like these to get your conversation going:

• Did Clint continue gambling?

• Did he become a problem gambler?

• Did he stay in his job at the hotel?

• Did he and Tracy stay together?

• Did he continue living in the same house as his parents?