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• Dictagloss Activity for ‘Clint van Loggenberg’

text 1

1: Suddenly the lights on the machine started to flash and music started to play.

2: At the same time a message appeared.

3: It said, “Congratulations you have won 1.1 million.”

4: When this happened the woman at the next machine yelled, ”You’re a millionaire!”

text 2

1: When the attendant arrived and saw the message he congratulated Clint.

2: But a few seconds later he put a key into the machine and turned it.

3: Then he told Clint he hadn’t won anything.

4: He said the machine wasn’t working properly.

text 3

1: Eventually, Clint withdrew his complaint against the casino..

2: He did this after he and his lawyer were shown videos from the casino.

3: The videos showed that no lights had flashed on Clint’s machine, no music had played, and no other gamblers had crowded around to congratulate him.