Darlene Wagner, p2

Although the majority of the public, in Ontario and elsewhere, is in favour of a ban on pit bulls, many people oppose the idea. They say there is nothing wrong with pit bulls and that they are really affectionate and playful animals that make good family pets. The problem, according to the opponents of the ban, is that some people train their pit bulls to be aggressive. That is what makes them dangerous. The right way to solve the problem, they say, is to punish the owners of aggressive dogs of any kind. They are the ones who are to blame for the attacks.

Darlene is in favour of a ban on pit bulls. She knows that other dogs can be dangerous too. The dog that attacked her in 1976 was not a pit bull, but she believes pit bulls are especially dangerous.

The young son of the woman who owns the dogs didn’t agree, however. He said the dogs are friendly and had never attacked anyone before. He said he felt sorry for Darlene, but he added that one of his dogs had been attacked by another dog a month earlier. He thought that might have been why Darlene was bitten.

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