Eric Nordmark :: multiple choice quiz

(1) The first time Eric was arrested it was for

picking up cigarette butts

sleeping on the sidewalk

being drunk in public

stealing beer

(2) Catili confessed that she had been lying about the attack

to the judge when she was being questioned in court

to her mother after she testified

to her teacher the next day

to her older brother while they were eating breakfast

(3) If Eric had been found guilty, he had planned to

make an angry speech in the courtroom

go on a hunger strike

kill himself

appeal the decision

(4) The police decided to charge Eric after

two of the girls and two boys had identified him in person

two of the girls and two boys had identified his photograph

two of the girls and two boys had signed a statement accusing him

two of the girls and two boys had passed a lie detector test

(5) The three girls said they had been attacked

in the basement of the apartment building where they lived

in a park

in their school playground

in the parking lot of a shopping mall

(6) The police asked Eric to sit on the curb because

they wanted to take his mug shot while he was sitting there

they wanted to embarrass him

they wanted to see if the three girls would recognize him

they were afraid he was going to fall over because he was very drunk

(7) Eric found work in Anaheim

delivering beer

setting up carnival rides

picking oranges

cleaning up the parks

(8) Eric was in Garden Grove because

he was on his way to Dallas

he was on his way to Seattle

his parents were living there

he had a friend who was stationed in an army base there