Eric Nordmark :: vocabulary quiz

• bar

1: person without a job or home who keeps moving from one place to another

• carnival

2: stop moving; “come to rest” in a particular place

• cell

3: prevent someone from leaving; take someone’s freedom away

• complex

4: find something that “goes with” (or “fits”) something else

• confess

5: a travelling show with rides and games

• credible

6: attack someone sexually, especially a child

• detain

7: the place where a person’s leg meets the upper part of the body

• dismiss

8: a group of similar buildings

• drifter

9: a period of time

• groin

10: a fact about someone that makes other people dislike or fear them

• lie

11: a tool for shaving

• match

12: straight line or stripe, thick or thin,against a background of a different colour

• molest

13: small piece of paper with writing or picture on one side and glue on the other

• prosecutor

14: a small locked area in a jail where prisoners are kept

• razor

15: government lawyer in charge of case against a person accused of a crime

• settle

16: official statement made in court

• sticker

17: something or someone that can easily be believed

• stigma

18: give someone permission to leave

• term

19: admit you have done something wrong

• testimony

20: say something you know is not true