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say that someone has done something wrong

agree that you have done something wrong

this is the noun form of the adjective ‘responsible’ Someone who has done something (good or bad) is ‘responsible’ for that action.(The responsibility is theirs.)

at the last minute:
just before it is too late

the opposite of ‘guilty.’ If someone accuses you of doing something you did not do, you might respond, “No, I am innocent!”

story exchange activity for “Eric Nordmark”

A. Story Exchange

1: make groups of three or four

2: decide who is going to be A, who B, and who C. (In a four-person group there will be a c1 and a c2.)

3: A, tells the others in a story about one of the following:

a. when you or someone you know was falsely accused.

b. when you or someone you know falsely accused another person.

c. when you or someone you know admitted responsibility at the last minute in order to save an innocent person from punishment.

4: B, repeats A’s story.

5: C (or C1 and C2), asks A questions about his or her story.

6: A becomes C (or C2), B becomes A, etcetera, and everything is repeated.

B. Writing

1: write a paragraph telling one of the stories you have heard (not your own)

2: exchange your group’s paragraphs for the paragraphs of another group.

C. Correction

1: correct the errors in one of the paragraphs your group has received

2: discuss two or three intereting errors with the other members of your group