Eric Weihenmayer—choice quiz: page 2

(6) Eric’s blindness was caused by

(a) an accident he had while he was playing football

(b) an infectious disease he had contracted in summer camp

(c) a rare genetic disease

(d) diabetes

(7) When Eric’s teammates saw how much trouble he was having on the Khumbu, they

(a) suggested he rest in the camp instead of making more crossings

(b) suggested he carry a lighter load

(c) told him he should never have tried to climb Everest

(d) told him he wasn’t trying hard enough

(8) Crossing the Khumbu is the most difficult part of climbing Everest because

(a) it is almost vertical

(b) the crevasses are so deep

(c) the blocks of ice are so large

(d) it is impossible to make paths