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if you accomplish something you succeed in doing it; your ‘accomplishments’ are the (usually difficult and time-consuming) jobs, projects etc. you successfully complete

the adjective form of the verb ‘admire’; if you admire something you think is good, valuable, worthwhile; it shows that the person who did it is brave, strong, intelligent, hard-working etc.

leave your native country to live permanently in another country

if something inspires you it gives you the courage, the desire, the hope etc. that you need to do something (or attempt to do it)

if you consider doing something, you think about doing it

a ‘show’ on television or radio

a ‘story’ in a newspaper or a magazine

• story exchange activity for “Fauja Singh”

A. Story Exchange

1: make groups of three or four

2: decide who is going to be A, who B, and who C. (In a four-person group there will be a c1 and a c2.)

3: A, tells the others in a story about one of the following:

a. how someone you know accomplished something surprising and admirable in his or her old age

b. how someone you know emigrated to another country in their old age and found something new and rewarding to do there

c. how someone you know was inspired to take up an activity he or she had never considered before by a television or radio program or a newspaper article

4: B, repeats A’s story.

5: C (or C1 and C2), asks A questions about his or her story.

6: A becomes C (or C2), B becomes A, etcetera, and everything is repeated.

B. Writing

1: write a paragraph telling one of the stories you have heard (not your own)

2: exchange your group’s paragraphs for the paragraphs of another group.

C. Correction

1: correct the errors in one of the paragraphs your group has received

2: discuss two or three intereting errors with the other members of your group