Felipe Arreaga :: multiple choice quiz

(1) In the 1990s Felipe’s group stopped the logging by

blockading roads

kidnapping loggers

bombing a logging camp

killing the president of a logging company in an ambush

(2) Felipe grew up

in a poor neighbourhood in Mexico City

in a Mexican neighbourhood in Los Angeles

in the mountains of Guerrero

in a coastal town in the state of Guerrero

(3) After the Mexican revolution in 1917, the government

sold land cheaply to individual peasants

gave communal land to all villages

gave land to individual peasants

sold land to American logging companies

(4) When Abel Bautista was shot

he was walking across a bridge

he was having lunch at a restaurant

he was riding in a car

he was arguing with Felipe about land ownership

(5) Priscilliano Bautista said

he knew the murderer’s names and what they were wearing

he knew the murderer’s names but he didn’t remember what they were wearing

he remembered what the murderers were wearing but he didn’t know their names

he didn’t know the murderers names or remember what they were wearing

(6) When Felipe went on trial he said that the day Abel Bauista was shot

he had been in a cave hiding from soldiers

he had been participating in a demonstration in Mexico City

he had been planting trees in a distant village

he had been receiving medical treatment in a distant village

(7) When the Mexican army attacked Felipe’s home

he was captured but not injured

he was injured but escaped

he escaped injury

he was captured and injured

(8) After the logging had been stopped and the army had stopped looking for Felipe

he started teaching the peasants how to read and write

he took his wife to Venezuela for a holiday

he worked with the peasants, teaching them how to use the land efficiently

he spent his time in Peru studying erosion prevention