Felipe Arreaga :: vocabulary quiz

• ambush

1: officially answer questions in court, in front of a judge, during a trial

• blockade

2: connected with business, having the purpose of making money

• cancel

3: cutting down trees

• capture

4: look for animals or people in order to catch them or kill them

• cave

5: the process of soil (earth) being carried away by water

• commercial

6: hiding somewhere to attack someone who passes

• compensate

7: formally give money, licence, etc to someone for a special purpose

• erosion

8: give something to someone because he or she was harmed or injured

• grant

9: low land between hills or mountains

• hunt

10: getting medicine or another kind of medical help for illness or injury

• logging

11: announce that something that had been planned will not happen

• organically

12: person who is fighting against the government or some other authority

• peasant

13: get (or “catch”) a person or animal and keep them in prison or a cage

• rebel

14: plants and farm animals grown in a natural way (no fertilizers or chemicals)

• sow

15: farmer with small piece of land often belonging to someone else

• testify

16: closing off a road so cars and trucks cannot pass

• treatment

17: any machine with wheels used for moving people or things

• valley

18: what farmers and gardeners do with seeds

• vehicle

19: space under ground or inside a mountain (entered through a small opening)

• witness

20: someone who sees something (often an accident or a crime)