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encourage people to feel something or to do something (in this case encourage them to talk)

to take a person or animal by force and keep them under your control. (noun=‘captivity’)

to tell someone you will harm them in some way if they don’t do what you want

to get away from someone who has captured you; to become free again

a person who is owned by another person

native language:
the first language a person learns to speak

job skills:
abilities you have to get a job or earn your living

• drama activities for “Francis Bok”

drama 1: Francis talking to another slave met while looking after Giemma’s animals

• ask questions like these to stimulate conversation:

- How long ago were you captured?

- Does your owner feed you well?

- Do you have good place to sleep?

- Do you have any friends?

- What kind of work do you do?

- Has your owner ever hurt you or threatened to hurt you?

- Have you ever tried to escape?

- Do you still miss your family?

- Do you want to go back to your village?

drama 2: Francis being interviewed by an official in a refugee camp

• ask questions like these to stimulate conversation:

- What is the name of the village where you were captured?

- What is the closest village to the farm where you were a slave?

- Have you heard any news of your parents?

- What is your native language?

- How did you learn to speak Arabic so well?

- Do you speak any English?

- Can you read and write?

- Do you have any job skills?

- Why do you want to go to the US?