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Vocabulary Quiz for ‘Francis Bok’

INSTRUCTIONS: Put the correct number in the box beside each word.

• adventure

• basket

• cattle

• determined

• divide

• donkey

• emulate

• gather

• gesture

• herd

• missing

• point

• raid

• saddle

• scold

• scrap

• stick

• struggle

• sword

• whip


someone who has definitely decided to do something despite any difficulties


copy the behaviour of another person


metal weapon, like a long knife with a sharp point at end


small container for carrying things, often made of straw, usually with handle


animal similar to horse, but smaller; often used to carry loads


a surprise attack


hold something so it ‘goes’ in the direction of another thing (toward it)


separate into two or more sections


on horse’s back for rider to sit on


long, narrow piece of wood that can be held in person’s hand


using your hands to ‘say’ something—or to emphasize what you’re saying


angrily tell someone (especially a child) that he or she has behaved badly


a small, useless or unwanted, piece of something (food, cloth etcetera)


look after group of domestic animals, take them from one place to another


numerous cows, bulls and calves


not where it’s supposed to be


a battle or fight; an attempt to succeed at something despite the difficulty


hit a person or animal with a long, rope-like object


an exciting perhaps dangerous experience


bring together, put into one place, collect