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Giorgio Angelozzi, Update 1

In early May, 2005 Giorgio told the Rivas he was going on a trip to Rome and that he would soon be back with them. But he did not come back to Spirano and he did not go to Rome.

After leaving the Rivas, Giorgio took a hotel room in Milan. He stayed there for a while. Then he went to live in the nearby city of Alessandria. He lived there for nearly a month with one of the families that had offered to adopt him as their ‘grandfather.’

Finally, the Rivas found out where he was. They met him in Milan and he gave them two cheques. One was to repay the money they had lent him to pay a large dental bill, and the other was to repay Elio for other expenses.

When the Rivas deposited the cheques in their bank account, they ‘bounced.’ In other words, the bank refused to pay. The bank told the Rivas that Giorgio had stolen the cheques from the family he was staying with in Alessandria. The Rivas reported this to the police and a few days later they found Giorgio in an old persons’ home in Milan. The police questioned him and then allowed him to return to the place where he was staying. But they kept him under a sort of ‘house arrest’; in other words, he was not put in jail, but he had to stay at the old persons’ home.

When they found out where Giorgio was, newspaper reporters went to the old persons’ home to talk to him. He told them that he had left the Rivas’ house because he felt he wasn’t welcome any longer. He said he thought that Elio didn’t want him living there anymore. He also explained that he had found the cheques in the pocket of a jacket he had been given by the family in Alessandria.

The police told the newspapers that Giorgio had been in trouble with them four times before, in 1977, 1980, 1983 and 1998. On those occasions, he had been accused of theft, fraud, and of using false identification papers.

The police also announced that although Giorgio did have a university degree, he had never been a teacher.

Elio said he was sad about what had happened. Marlena said that Giorgio had made fools of the whole family. Mateush and Dagmara say they don’t miss Giorgio. He wasn’t the sort of grandfather they wanted. They say that although Giorgio got along well with their mother, when they tried to talk to him about the things they were interested in, he got bored. And they complained that just a few days after Giorgio arrived, he tried to teach them better table manners.

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