flesl.net paired stories: punctuation exercise: “the man who cheated me”

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“The Man Who Cheated Me” (punctuation exercise)

instructions:punctuate the following paragraph.

a couple of years ago when I was living in my village I used to go to market every Saturday one Saturday when I was returning from the market I met a man he looked like a nice person and offered me some help in carrying the shopping bags on the way we chatted because it was a long way between my house and the market the man whose name was Joseph seemed to be an interesting person he said he was having a hard time and he wanted to sell his pet dog because he wanted some money I like dogs very much and I agreed to buy his dog when we were leaving each other he promised to bring his dog to my house the next day the next day he came to my house with his dog and I bought the dog for two hundred rupees I thought I was helping a poor man who really needed some money but some days later a stranger came to my house and complained that his dog had been lost and said the dog he saw in my garden was similar to his dog I refused to believe him because I bought the dog from someone else but I realized that I had been cheated when I saw the dog was wagging his tail at the man