Giorgio Angelozzi :: multiple choice quiz

(1) When Giorgio went back to Rome to get his cats, he found that

they were all very thin because they hadn’t been well looked after

they had already found good homes with his former neighbours

they didn’t want to get into their travelling baskets

they had all disappeared

(2) According to the newspaper stories, Giorgio’s daughter was living in





(3) When he moved in with the Rivas, Giorgio started getting up early because

he liked to cook breakfast for the family

he couldn’t sleep because of the noise from the nearby highway

he liked spending some time with Marlena before she went to work

he enjoyed going for walks in the fresh morning air

(4) Giorgio hadn’t had an operation on his eyes because

he couldn’t afford it

he was a bit frightened

his case was too serious to be helped by an operation

he was waiting until the cataracts became thicker

(5) Giorgio was pleased because the letter he got from the Rivas

was so long

was written by hand

was signed by everyone in the family

was accompanied by pictures of everyone in the family

(6) Giorgio decided he had to change his life when

he celebrated his seventy-ninth birthday

he began having difficulty climbing the stairs to his apartment

he realized he couldn’t read any more

he started talking to his cats

(7) The Rivas found out about Giorgio

when they saw a sign on a telephone pole near their house

when Marlena’s cousin came from Poland for a visit

when they were watching television at supper time

when Dagmara started training as a care giver for old people

(8) In the year before Giorgio came to live with the Rivas, Elio’s brother

had died

had moved to Canada

had had an operation

had lost his job