Giorgio Angelozzi :: vocabulary quiz

• adopt

1: clouding of lens in eye causing blurred eyesight (common in old people)

• advertisement

2: money that someone ‘leaves’ for you when he or she dies

• atmosphere

3: places around the outer edge of a city; suburbs

• cataracts

4: bring someone from outside your family permanently into your family

• conversation

5: not shaking

• courage

6: on television, in newspapers etc, trying to get you to spend money

• enthusiastic

7: information about you on TV, radio, or in newpaper, making you well-known

• hiss

8: abnormal growth in human or animal body, can be cancerous

• inheritance

9: wanting to do something; thinking something is a good idea

• insincere

10: activity of talking to other person or people

• lap

11: make someone think again about something that happened in the past

• outskirts

12: saying something nice you don't really believe

• pack

13: having lots of room

• publicity

14: put all your things in boxes because you're moving

• remind

15: ‘feeling’ in home, workplace, classroom etc.; gases that surround a planet

• scratch

16: not being afraid; bravert

• spacious

17: damage skin or suface of object by pulling something sharp across it

• steady

18: ‘s’-sound; (made by pushing air between teeth and tongue)

• stroke

19: gently move your hand across person's or animal’s body

• tumour

20: the front of the top part of your legs when you’re sitting down