Giorgio Angelozzi (easy), p2

The Rivas lived near Milan, in northern Italy, far away from Rome. A few weeks after he talked to them on the phone, Giorgio flew north. He lived with the Rivas for a while to see if he got along well with them. Everything went well; he liked the whole family and they all liked him.

Giorgio went back south and packed. When he was ready to move, Marlena flew to Rome to help him. They flew back to Milan together. There were newspaper reporters and photographers on the plane.

A while later, there were stories in the papers about how Giorgio and the Rivas were having a happy life together. The stories told how Giorgio was helping in the kitchen and how he was helping Dagmara with her homework. The stories also said that Giorgio was getting up early in the morning so he could spend a few minutes with Marlena before she went to work.

In the beginning, Giorgio missed his cats. After a while, Elio drove him to Rome to get them. But when they tried to put the cats into baskets, they ran away; so they had to leave them with Giorgio’s old neighbours. Later, Giorgio said he didn’t miss the cats anymore and he added: “They never cared. Cats don’t really care.”

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take someone permanently & officially into your family

go deaf:
become unable to hear

hold something steady:
hold something so it doesn’t move

get along with:
live happily and peacefully with

put your things into boxes etc., in prepaation for moving

newspaper reporter:
person who writes for a newspaper

spend a few minutes with Marlena:
be with Marlena for a few minutes

missed his cats:
felt sad because he didn’t have his cats

small, light container for carrying things

ran away:
escaped from his control

they never cared:
they never loved me