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paragraph of moral persuasion:
a paragraph in which the writer tries to convince the reader that some action (or some sort of action is morally right or wrong

if you convince someone of something, you get then to believe it

the subject of morality concerns what is right and wrong (good and bad) (adv ‘morally’; adj ‘moral’)

• writing activities for ‘Jonathan Lebed’

1. writing

• instructions

- Write paragraph of moral persuasion which leads to one of the conclusions listed below.

- Maximum length: 250 words. Maximum time: 40 minutes.

• topics:

a: even if what jonathan did was not against the law it was still morally wrong for him to do it.

b: even though jonathan got into trouble for what he did, he didn’t really do anything that was morally wrong.

c: by allowing him to start buying and selling stocks at such an early age, jonathan’s parents were/were not doing a good job of bringing him up.

2. correction

• form groups of three (or four)

• exchange paragraphs with your partner(s)

• silently check your partners' papers for errors

3. discussion

• choose one paragraph from your group for reading to another group

• send the author of the chosen paragraph to another group and invite that group to send someone to your group

• listen while your guest reads his or her paragraph aloud

• if your guest’s pronunciation or grammar causes confusion, interrupt and ask for clarification

• when your guest has finished reading, summarize his or her paragraph to make sure it has been fully understood

• discuss with your guest the content of his or her paragraph