Jonathan Lebed :: vocabulary quiz

• agency

1: where trains run

• chat

2: office assistant; person whose job it is to take notes, keep records etc.

• criteria

3: what someone says about what he or she thinks will happen in the future

• deal

4: part of something that belongs to a particular person

• distributor

5: make it possible for people to have something (by giving or selling it)

• exchange

6: learned ability to do something difficult

• explode

7: ways of choosing or rating somthing; tests standards

• extravagant

8: liked by everyone (or at least by most)

• financial

9: about money

• manipulation

10: change; make into something new

• original

11: what there is in the beginning; the first

• popular

12: put a message where people can see it

• post

13: spending or speaking in an extreme, careless way—often to impress others

• prediction

14: grow very quickly; break into small pieces suddenly and violently

• provide

15: business that does something for people (finds jobs or houses for example)

• railroad

16: wholesale business that sells products to many small retail businesses

• secretary

17: dishonestly, for your own good, getting people to do things that benefit you

• share

18: giving (or selling) something and getting something in return

• skill

19: a buiness agreement

• transform

20: conversation