flesl.net paired story — multiple choice: 2-9a (Jonathan Lebed)

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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Jonathan Lebed’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

1. By spending time in chat rooms, Jonathan learned he could make a lot of money

(a) being paid by small companies for dishonestly promoting their stocks

(b) being paid by small companies for honestly promoting their stocks

(c) promoting his own stocks and selling them when the price went up

(d) criticizing stocks and buying them when the price went down

2. One of the criteria Jonathan used in deciding whether to invest in a stock was that

(a) it had to be overvalued

(b) it had to be undervalued

(c) it had to be correctly valued

(d) it had to be going back and forth between being overvalued and undervalued

3. Jonathan began his career as a stock promoter with money he&38217;d got

(a) as a birthday present from his parents

(b) from gambling at school

(c) from designing websites for small businesses

(d) by working in a grocery store on weekends

4. When he was eleven Jonathan built a website about his favourite

(a) singer

(b) actor

(c) investor

(d) wrestler