They spent a day having fun in Niagara Falls and then on the morning of October 20, they drove to the place that Kirk thought was the right spot to go into the water. They parked their car and got out. Kirk walked to the edge of the water. Bob walked down the river toward the falls. He had his camera with him.

Kirk got into the water. He lay on his back and floated toward the falls. Bob took pictures of him as he went past.

Kirk went over the falls feet first. He was falling for about five seconds. When he hit the water at the bottom, it felt like hitting a rock. He went down about ten meters under the water. He said he was under the water for about one minute.

When he came up, he swam to some rocks and climbed out. He was not hurt. The police came and took him to the hospital. They thought he was crazy. Later, because he had broken Canadian law, he had to pay a large ‘fine,’ and he was told he could never come back to the Canadian side of the falls again.

For a while, Kirk was famous because of what he had done. His story was in the papers and on television. And he got a job in a circus. He had to get dressed up and tell people about his trip over the falls. After a few months though, the circus closed and Kirk went to stay with his parents in Oregon.

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short for ‘waterfall’

a round container with a flat top and bottom

think seriously:
consider doing something and believing you probably will do it

money paid to the goverment as a punishment for breaking the law

a travelling show with wild animals etc