Kirk Jones :: vocabulary quiz

• barrel

1: place where a river suddenly goes straight down

• career

2: dangerous action (done for movie or TV—:or publicly, to impress people)

• circus

3: round container, flat on top and bottom, made of wood, metal, or plastic

• current

4: a particular place

• falls

5: long period of employment in skilled work (especially ‘professional’ work)

• giant

6: of no importance

• guard

7: wonderfully exciting, surprising, beautiful

• head

8: killing yourself

• insane

9: roadside ‘hotel’ for travellers with parking, entrance to rooms from outside

• insignificant

10: remove outer layer (clothes, paint, etcetera); as noun: long, narrow area.

• motel

11: go (toward)

• pool

12: person or thing that gives protection

• rail

13: long, narrow object; prevents people from falling off stairs, bridges, etc

• rib

14: movement of water in river or ocean; as adjective: what’s happening now

• spectacular

15: very large; as noun: a very large person

• spot

16: long, narrow ‘hole’ for cars or trains through mountain, under river, etcetera

• strip

17: quiet water (in a river, for example); man-made ‘container’ for swimming

• stunt

18: one of a group of bones in your chest

• suicide

19: crazy

• tunnel

20: travelling show with animals, acrobats, clowns, etc