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encourage people to feel something or to do something (in this case encourage them to talk)

an opportunity is a chance to do something that you want to do

all the events, facts, etc.concerning a particular matter that is discussed in a courtroom‘’

charge with:
after a person is arrested by the police, he or she will be ‘charged with’a crime

check into:
investigate, find out about

very strange


young person (informal)

some particular event:
a definite, specific event

something that happens to you

the work you do as an adult

• drama activities for “Marcus Arnold”

drama 1: Marcus is trying to persuade his mother to drive him to court so he could help one of his online ‘clients’

• use questions and statements like these to stimulate conversation:

- marcus: This is a big opportunity for me. You’ve got to help me.

- marcus: I promise it won’t take more than three hours. You can go shopping.

- marcus: I’ve already explained this case to you. This woman has been charged with...

- marcus: There isn’t any law against kids doing things in a courtroom. I checked into that.

- his mother: Who is this woman? Why is she in court?

- his mother: What have you done to help her?

- his mother: Why do you have to be so weird? Why can’t you be normal like your brother.

- his mother: Isn’t it against the law for a kid to be giving advice in a court room?

drama 2: Marcus is being interviewed by a reporter who is asking him how he came to be doing and what he’s planning for the future.

• ask questions like these to stimulate conversation:

- How old were you when you first became interested in law?

- Was there some particular event in your life that got you interested?

- Did you learn anything about the law in school?

- How did you begin answering legal questions online?

- How do your parents feel about what you’re doing?

- Why did you lie about your age when you began and then later decide to be honest?

- What is the best/worst experience you’ve had working online?

- Do you intend to study law at university?

- What sort of career would you like to have?