Marcus Arnold :: vocabulary quiz

• accompany

1: come to a country with the intention of living there permanently

• accomplish

2: food cooked outside over a fire

• assume

3: kill someone intentionally and illegally

• barbecue

4: fair treatment (especially for people who are accused of crimes)

• biology

5: television program; performance in a theater

• browse

6: scientific study of life

• detailed

7: strong, sudden desire (often to do something you’re not sure you should do)

• eager

8: paper or web page with blank spaces to fill in

• form

9: brief description of person’s background; drawing of side view of face

• immigrate

10: go somewhere with someone

• impressive

11: wanting to do something; enthusiastic

• intern

12: succeed in doing something

• justice

13: person who gets something

• murder

14: someone’s position on a list of people— (‘best’ person is at top of list)

• profile

15: advanced student doing practical, on-the-job training

• rank

16: experience that affects us strongly and that we therefore remember

• recipient

17: vehicles (cars, trucks, bicycles etcetera) on the streets

• show

18: believe that something is true (without checking to make sure)

• traffic

19: description with a lot of information about small points

• urge

20: look at or read in a casual, unorganized way