Marcus Arnold (easy), p2

Marcus decided to be honest. He told the truth on the website: that he was only a fifteen-year-old “expert.” After that, once the people using the website realized that Marcus was not a real lawyer, he dropped down the list. At first, a lot of people would not trust a fifteen-year-old to answer their questions.

Marcus also started getting angry letters from real lawyers who said he was unfairly taking business away from them.

Even though he was not at the top of the list anymore, Marcus kept on answering questions on the website. Soon he started to rise on the list again and in two weeks, for the first time, he had risen to number one.

Marcus became famous because of his ability to answer questions about the law. Reporters talked to him and wrote about him. He couldn’t explain very well how he had learned so much about the law. He said it had a lot to do with watching television shows and looking at websites. He said he’d never read any books about the law because he didn’t like reading books.

- information from: New York Times, 01.07.15 (Michael Lewis); New York Times, 01.09.17 (Patricia Smith); Sunday Telegraph (UK), 01.07.22 (Geoffrey Owen)

a serious student:
a hard-working student

someone who knows a lot about something

fill out:
put information in the blank spaces of a form; (‘fill out’ is a phrasal verb)

take his answers seriously:
believe that his answers were good; (‘take [something] seriously’) is a phrasal verb

in order to get he changed:
so he could get he changed; ‘in order...’ gives the purpose of some action

in the normal way

tell the truth:
say something that is true; the antonym is ‘lie’; ‘tell the truth’ is a phrasal verb