flesl.net paired story — multiple choice: 2-5a (Melissa Crawford)

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Multiple Choice Quiz for ‘Melissa Crawford’

instructions: put a circle around the best answer.

1. Melissa’s parents sued Jeanette’s doctors because

(a) they thought they should have sent Jeanette to a better hospital

(b) they thought they hadn’t been honest with them about Melissa’s condition

(c) they thought they hadn’t done their job properly

(d) they thought they hadn’t known how to do their job properly

2. Although Melissa is handicapped

(a) she enjoys going for walks

(b) she enjoys working in her parent’s garden

(c) she enjoys talking to her friends on the phone

(d) she enjoys watching television

3. Melissa’s brain was damaged

(a) because she didn’t get enough oxygen while she was being born

(b) because the doctor hurt her head with forceps

(c) because she’d got diabetes from her mother

(d) because she was in her mother’s uterus for too long

4. Women who have gestational diabetes

(a) usually suffer from kidney failure while they are pregnant

(b) usually show no further sign of diabetes once they have had their babies

(c) often go blind if they become pregnant a second time

(d) almost always remain diabetic after their babies are born

5. Most of the money awarded by the courts in Melissa’s case was used

(a) to pay for her care

(b) to pay her legal expenses

(c) to compensate the Ontario government

(d) to compensate her parents