Melissa Crawford :: vocabulary quiz

• approximately

1: because of injury or disease, not able to walk, or see, or understand, etc

• canal

2: part of a woman's body where a baby grows before it is born; a womb

• catastrophe

3: prevent someone from getting something; take something from someone

• chronic

4: help a woman give birth; bring something to someone

• competent

5: remove something from somewhere where it is stuck or trapped

• deliver

6: a long passage through which something can move; a tube

• deprive

7: not loud, difficult to hear

• detect

8: part of the human body that removes waste and controls water content

• diabetes

9: disease caused by body's inability to remove sugar from blood

• eventually

10: find or discover something—a previously unnoticed disease for example

• extricate

11: time during which a baby grows inside its mother’s body

• failure

12: able to do a good job

• faint

13: to make something happen (a birth, for example)

• gestation

14: being careless when it is your duty to be careful

• handicapped

15: giving something up or going without something in order to help others

• induce

16: finally; after a long time; ‘in the end’

• kidney

17: not a success; not working properly (a part of the body, for example)

• negligent

18: about; around; close to

• sacrifice

19: a disease that does not go away but does not get worse

• uterus

20: something very bad happening suddenly