Richard Coman :: multiple choice quiz

(1) Richard’s injury was caused by

the amniotic fluid in Joan’s uterus becoming toxic

an excess of amniotic fluid in Joan’s uterus

an excess of sugar in the amniotic fluid in Joan’s uterus

the amniotic fluid in Joan’s uterus draining away

(2) The first thing Joan’s doctors did when they became concerned was to

tell her to go home and stay in bed for a week

give her some medicine

isend her to a hospital in London

arrange for her to have an operation

(3) Richard and Joan agot the idea of getting compensation from the hospital

from a mechanic who was a friend of Sidney’s

from a lawyer who was their neighbour

from a conversation they overheard in a restaurant

from something they read in a newspaper

(4) The first indication Joan had that there might be something wrong was

when she heard two doctors talking to one another

when she noticed that Richard’s face was a bit blue

when a neighbour made some unkind remarks about Richard

when she read a newspaper article about birth injuries

(5) The work of caring for Richard was

shared equally by Sidney and Joan

done mainly by Sidney

done mainly by Joan

done by a nurse

(6) Richard

could talk like a teenager

could talk like a child

couldn’t talk at all

could talk but could only be understood by Joan

(7) After Richard was given his own house

his parents continued to live with him as before

his parents moved into an apartment in another town

his parents continued to live with him but spent their weekends in their old house

moved to Spain

(8) For the first two years of his life, Richard

moved around in a normal way for a child his age

lay in bed

crawled everywhere

cried constantly