Richard Coman :: vocabulary quiz

• abnormal

1: clothing worn by babies to absorb urine and feces (liquid and solid waste)

• confirm

2: something that arrives later than expected (babies, planes, payments)

• crawl

3: someone who lives close to you

• delay

4: stop something from happening on time—or when it was expected

• devoted

5: give someone a job

• diapers

6: a small sign or clue that can help you guess the truth

• drain

7: move around on hands and knees like a baby; also: the way insects move

• enormous

8: not usual or common

• hint

9: show that something you already believed or expected is really true

• hire

10: time during which a woman carries a baby inside her body

• interrupt

11: very big

• mechanic

12: held up by air or liquid and not moving; hanging

• mentally

13: remove water or other fluid through an opening

• neighbour

14: a person who repairs engines and similar things

• overdue

15: caring a lot about someone—and taking care of him or her

• period

16: stop an activity before it is finished; stop a person before he or she finishes

• pregnant

17: a length of time; time that passes between one point and another point

• relieve

18: do or say something in someone else's place—and to help that person

• represent

19: feeling better because you don’t have to worry about some problem anymore

• suspended

20: having something to do with the mind (with the way our brains work)