Sally Clark (easy version)

In 1996, when her first child, Christopher, was born, Sally Clark and her husband, Stephen, were living in Wilmslow, a town in northern England.

When Christopher was twelve weeks old, his parents took him to London to show him to their friends there. In London, Christopher had a bad nosebleed. When the family got back to Wilmslow, Sally told her doctor what had happened, and he told her not to worry about it.

A few days later, on December 13, Stephen was having dinner with people he worked with. Sally was at home with Christopher. She fed him at 7:30 and then put him to bed. Around 9:15 she left Christopher alone and went to make herself a cup of tea. When she went back to Christopher, ten minutes later, he had turned grey. She phoned for help right away. An ambulance arrived two minutes later. The ambulance people tried to get Christopher breathing again, but they could do nothing. He was dead.

When a baby that seems to be healthy dies suddenly, doctors usually look carefully at its body to find out why it died. After looking at Christopher’s body, a doctor said Christopher had died because his lungs were not healthy. The doctor took some small pieces of Christopher’s body and saved them.

After Christopher died, Sally was so unhappy that she went to see a doctor to talk about the way she felt. She also began drinking more than she had in the past.

Sally and Stephen’s second son, Harry, was born in November, 1997. He was born early, but he was strong.On January 26, 1998, when Harry was eight weeks old, Sally went shopping in the morning and took Harry with her. Both Sally and Harry had a check-up. Later, the doctor said she had found no problems. She also said that Sally had seemed happy.

That evening, around 8:00, Stephen was in the kitchen getting some food ready for Harry. Suddenly he heard Sally screaming upstairs. He ran upstairs and found that Harry had turned blue. Sally phoned for help while Stephen tried to bring Harry back to life. The ambulance arrived nine minutes later, but it was too late. Harry was dead.

The same doctor who had looked at Christopher’s body looked at Harry’s body. He said that Harry’s eyes, brain and ribs had been hurt. He also looked again at the small pieces of Christopher’s body that he had saved. He said he found some blood in Christopher’s lungs that he had not noticed before. He said he had changed his mind about Christopher and now believed that he had been killed by someone who had stopped him from breathing.

On February 23, early in the morning, the police arrested both Stephen and Sally. They said they were doing this because they thought perhaps they had killed their son. Later they let Stephen go, but Sally was kept in jail.

got back:

had a check up:
the doctor looked at his body to see if everything was all right

person who drinks a lot of alcohol (beer, wine, etc)

had changed his mind:
changed his belief (thought what he had believed earlier was wrong

part of body where oxygen is taken from air and put into blood

allowed to leave prison (past tense of verb “to free”)