Sally Clark :: vocabulary quiz

• absolve

1: have enough money to pay for something

• abuse

2: beautiful, comfortable,expensive (houses, clothes, furniture, etcetera)

• afford

3: doctor who is an expert in finding the cause of death or illness

• bounce

4: bring back to life

• cheerful

5: come to believe, after thinking carefully about it, that something is true

• claim

6: attack on person’s or animal’s body by harmful bacteria or other organisms

• conclude

7: feel bad about not being with someone

• examine

8: bit of disease-causing material put into your body to prevent serious disease

• frantic

9: carefully check a person’s body for signs of disease (usually by a doctor)

• infection

10: happy; in a good mood

• influence

11: what a rubber ball will do when you drop it on the floor

• jury

12: behaving in very worried or upset way because of fear or other emotion

• luxurious

13: kill someone by preventing them from breathing

• mislead

14: say, officially, that someone is not guilty of doing wrong

• miss

15: feel hurt because of something someone has done to you or said about you

• pathologist

16: treat someone cruelly, especially your child or your wife

• resent

17: in court, a group of ordinary people who decide if accused person is guilty

• resuscitate

18: have an effect on something or someone

• smother

19: say that something is true even though other people may doubt that it is

• vaccination

20: cause other people to believe something that is not really true