Satyendra Dubey, choice quiz: page 2

6. Satyendra went to work for the Indian goverment instead of a big corporation because

(a) he thought he could make more money that way

(b) he wanted to to do something for his country

(c) there were no jobs available at the big corporations

(d) he had friends in high places in the government

7. The day before he was killed Satyendra had gone to

(a) a wedding

(b) a funeral

(c) a football game

(d) a meeting with some contractors

8. Satyendra didn't sign the letter he sent to the Prime Minister because

(a) he didn’t want the Prime Minister to know who he was

(b) he didn’t want his name to be published in a newspaper

(c) sending a letter to the Prime Minister was against the rules

(d) he knew the letter might be shown to other people